SOFT-PI'04: SOFtware Technologies for Performance and Interoperability, 2004

University of Tulsa's Institute for Software Research

 1st Annual SOFT-PI Workshop July 15, 2004



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Updated: July 12, 2004


Call for Papers: June 25, 2004

The University of Tulsa'ís Institute for Software Research (TUISR) explores all aspects of Software Integration from the underlying algorithms and architectures which define them to the intelligent networks and agents which inhabit them and control their interaction.  Consequently, this workshop will focus on blending exiting and future technology among software interoperability and integration.  Legacy, distributed, dynamic, mobile, and specialized systems all require new stable and secure ways to interact.  Additionally, when considering distributed systems, we are also interested in adaptation and self-organization using non-concentrated decision procedures such as agent coordination protocols, focusing on quality of service and service composition.  Thus, these problems require solutions at all levels of software development.  This workshop is also interested in Intelligent Information Networks (IINs), as this topic includes many challenges for integrating distributed and dynamic systems into one cohesive system.



Paper topics include:

        Middleware Configurations

        Service Composition

        Agent Interoperability

        Optimization Algorithms

        Architect/Design/Simulate Integration

        Intelligent Networks

        Distributed Decision Mechanisms

        Gateway Protocols

        Modeling Techniques

        Error Handling during Execution

        Universal IDL

        Agent Security in an Open Environment



The SOFT-PI workshop is to be held on July 15, 2004 from 10am to 3pm at the Allen Chapman Activity Center (ACAC) on the University of Tulsa campus.


How to Submit

Position papers must be submitted in Adobe PDF format via email to by June 25th, 2004. Papers should be limited to six (6) pages, including all text, references, appendices, and figures.


Workshop Structure

Registration is free.

The workshop will include a keynote session.

Lunch will be served.



10:00am-10:30..Introductions and greetings

10:30-11:30.......Keynote address: Dewayne Perry, Ph.D., Motorola Regents Chair in Electrical
and Computer Engineering, UT Austin


12:30-1:30.........Paper Session


1:45-2:45pm......Paper Session

2:45-3:00pm     Concluding Remarks


Important Dates

June 25: Submission of position papers and technical papers

June 30: Author notification

July 15: SOFT-PI workshop


Workshop Chair

R. F. Gamble 


Organizing and Program Committee

Sandip Sen

Roger Wainwright

William Coberly